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Chairman’s Message

Chairman’s-MessageUneasy lies the head that wears a crown. The adage has always proven true when it comes to business. An astute businessman must appraise not only the current tendencies of the market, but also be able to predict future trends. Dealing in the business of foods has always been a risky venture, largely due to the short shelf life of perishable foods. Throughout our 40 year history, KAC has always stood up to competition and emerged victorious. Thorough market evaluations and daily inputs into the management information systems give us an edge when formulating and strategizing market plans.

Despite this precarious environment, Kuwait Agriculture Company (KAC) has successfully surmounted all obstacles through its 40 year history, maintaining a record of consistent expansion and managing to become one of the leading food, food related and consumer products distributors in the country.

I take great pride in the significant pace of progress that KAC has managed to maintain. Our rapport with our suppliers has enabled us to enjoy a yearly increase in the market share of our products. KAC has actively made its presence felt in the community across sectors including supermarkets and co-op societies, wholesale markets, restaurants, hotels and private residences.

With the increasing demands of a globalized economy and savvy consumers, KAC endeavors to introduce new gourmet foods and in-house facilities to keep pace with international trends. Here’s to new beginnings!