Largest Leading Importers of food stuff

Company Profile

Kuwait Agriculture Company (KAC) was established in 1968 as a privately owned company. With over four decades of experience, KAC is today one of the largest leading importers and distributors of quality consumer products (food and non- food) in Kuwait.

We have a dedicated sales force divisions for each trade channel, modern warehouse facilities and a large fleet of delivery vehicles.

Kuwait Agriculture Company opened its doors to the world in 1968. As a poultry producer, KAC was on its way to the pinnacle of success. Soon after, KAC launched its first restaurant, Zahrat Al Madaen, which proved to be a very profitable venture. Bolstered with the popularity of Zahrat Al Madaen, the company expanded its operations to importing food and eventually established itself as an exclusive distributor of internationally famous brands in Kuwait.

The mid-nineties saw a period of careful restructuring and construction. A specialized sales department was formed, and the company owned its own cold  and dry facilities. This strategy has been instrumental in shaping KAC into the KD 50 million enterprise it is today.