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Our Team


The 600-strong work force is the biggest asset of the organization. The dedication of the KAC team has always been a vital part of the continued success of the company. Continued training and development of human resources over the years has ensured that we have always stayed one step ahead of the competition. Loyalty has always been appreciated at KAC and we encourage employees to achieve their goals, providing incentives by way of rewards.

Kuwait Agriculture Company is a professionally managed company with a flat organizational structure. This makes the management team approachable, allowing customers immediate contact with them.

Sales Team

With over 200 combined employees, the sales team is the pride and joy of Kuwait Agriculture Company. Five Sales Managers head the sales department, each functioning independently of the other yet working as a cohesive unit. Every department head is responsible and has the full authority for decision making in day-to-day business matters. The managers share over 25 years of combined experience, making them experts in the FMCG business, Trade channels.

Each team is organized on the basis of the trade channels which they serve. This coordinated structure is followed by a synchronized execution of the sales strategy. Our expertise in the sales and merchandising field garner maximum visibility and optimum distribution. 

Our commitment is reflected in the day and night delivery service we provide, making sure all our shelves and refrigerated sections are fully stocked. We maintain a constant flow of information between buyers, store managers, and our sales and merchandising teams.