Largest Leading Importers of food stuff

Frozen Poultry

KAC’S reputation for quality has only grown stronger over the years. Our strong supply base has ensured that Kuwait Agriculture Company is the market leader in the supply of frozen chicken and chicken part.

Each month, KAC imports over 1500 tons of poultry into Kuwait, thus commanding over 10 per cent of the total available market.

Backed by strong warehousing facilities of over 15,000 cubic meters and a strong vehicle fleet; we provide maximum coverage of all trade channels – retail outlets, groceries wholesale, food service & Horeca & exports to Iraq. The range includes Frozen Poultry - Whole Chicken Griller, poultry parts such as legs, thighs, chicken breast, liver, gizzards; processed parts such as nuggets, burgers, fillet , franks etc.

• Brazilian Whole Chicken – Doux  & Perdix

• Frozen Chicken – Al Fakieh (Saudi Arabia)

• Frozen Turkey – Norbest (USA)

• Frozen Quails – Brazil & Cyprus

• Frozen Pigeon - Egypt