Largest Leading Importers of food stuff


- Halloumi Cheese - Pittas (Cyprus)
- Processed & Natural Cheese - American Heritage
- (Schreiber Foods Inc. USA)
- Shredded Mozzarella - Koob (Saudi Arabia)
- Feta & Soft White Cheese - Al Tayeb & Domty (Egypt)
- Akawi Cheese

Kuwait Agriculture Co. represents a vast range of cheese and dairy products across all channels in Kuwait. KAC commands a very big share the Dairy category by supplying – feta cheese, white cheese, processed & Natural cheese slices, cream cheese, cheddar blocks, mozzarella in retail outlets - shelves and deli section & food service packs.
Some of the well known brands include – PITTAS from Cyprus, American Heritage from USA, Al Tayeb from Egypt, Domty from Egypt and Koob a private label.