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Bakeries Ingredients


KAC’s Bakery Ingredients & Utensils supply division specializes in the supply of chocolate covertures and cocoa products, bakery jams, pie fillings and glazes, cake mixes, donut mixes, pancakes mixes, flavours and food colours. Whipping cream, oils and shortening, butter blocks, and nuts such as pistachios, cashew nuts, almonds and other raw ingredients to all major bakeries in the country that is required for manufacturing  cakes, pasteries and Arabic sweets.


KAC has its own warehouses and fleet of vehicles; making the Bakeries division one of the fastest growing segments. We also successfully market well-known brands such as Master Martini (UNIGRA Italy), Steensma Food Ingredients (Holland), Unifine (Belgium), Cereform (UK), Barry Callebaut (Belgium), Bunge Foods (USA), Kerry Aptunium (France), R&H Dawn (USA), Dale Farm (Ireland), Demarle (France), IBC (Belgium) and Samroiyed (Thailand).