Retail (FMCG)

The co-ops wholesale division serves over 360 outlets, including co-ops and their branches, supermarkets and hypermarkets. The team includes a Marketing Manager, a Sales Manager, Area Managers, 15 salesmen, 75 merchandisers and a support staff of 10. The goal is to profitably supply through our market expertise in sales management, inventory control, warehousing, delivery, product promotion, and merchandising and in market inventory management.

The sales team’s ommitment is reflected in the day and night delivery service we provide, making sure all our shelves and refrigerated sections are fully stocked. We maintain a constant flow of information between buyers, store managers, and our sales and merchandising teams.

CO-OP MAIN 52- 52 100 39 Daily
CO-OP BRANCH 300 212 71 39 Thrice weekly
TAMWEEN (Govt.Subsidy) 68 68 100 4 Weekly
KEY ACCOUNTS 36 36 100 26 Daily

Direct Van Sale (Groceries)

The Direct Van Sales, or Groceries division, services 2000 outlets, all seven days of the week. Fifteen routes are covered by KAC vans to supply groceries on a cash sales basis. The team includes Sales Managers, 20 salesmen, 4 supervisors and 20 merchandisers.

A fleet of over 20 vehicles operates from our cold and dry store facilities supplying frozen, chilled and dry food to beverages, aiding us in serving the total available market with over 20 brands and 300 products.

Restaurant Supply (Horeca)

The Horeca division caters to all the needs of the hotel, restaurant and catering sector. About 80% of Kuwait’s market is served by KAC. The sales team consists of a Sales Manager, 10 salesmen and 4 supervisors. A fleet of over 10 vehicles covers key customers – 25 catering companies, over 250 restaurants and 7 main hotels.

Prime quality frozen meat, lamb, beef, poultry, turkey and other meat products are imported from Brazil, New Zealand, Australia and the United States to cater to the needs of the local market. Other main categories of foodstuff include oil, mayonnaise, butter blocks and rice. Frozen poultry, meat & fish are exported to Iraq with a turnover of 50 million dollars annually.

Restaurants 400 250 65 Daily
Catering Companies 100 25 25 Thrice weekly
Hotels 12 7 60 Weekly

Mills Division

A state-of-the-art production unit provides packaging and roastery services.

KAC ensures quality and production volume as per the client’s needs. We import in bulk and repack products like sugar, seeds, spices, dry beans, nuts and coffee beans. Post repacking, these products are supplied to major mills and distributors in Kuwait. Some of our major clients include The Sultan Center, Lulu Hypermarket and others.

The production team comprises 50 members, of which 10 are salesmen and 15 are merchandisers.

With our own warehouses and fleet of vehicles, the Mills Division at KAC is one of the fastest growing and leading supplier of quality retail and wholesale products in the Kuwait market.

Bakeries Ingredients

KAC’s Bakery Ingredients & Utensils supply division specializes in the supply of chocolate covertures and cocoa products, bakery jams, pie fillings and glazes, cake mixes, donut mixes, pancakes mixes, flavours and food colours. Whipping cream, oils and shortening, butter blocks, and nuts such as pistachios, cashew nuts, almonds and other raw ingredients to all major bakeries in the country that is required for manufacturing cakes, pasteries and Arabic sweets.

KAC has its own warehouses and fleet of vehicles; making the Bakeries division one of the fastest growing segments. We also successfully market well-known brands such as Master Martini (UNIGRA Italy), Steensma Food Ingredients (Holland), Unifine (Belgium), Cereform (UK), Barry Callebaut (Belgium), Bunge Foods (USA), Kerry Aptunium (France), R&H Dawn (USA), Dale Farm (Ireland), Demarle (France), IBC (Belgium) and Samroiyed (Thailand).